This blog is dedicated to the notion that an entirely private faith is no faith at all. Christian faith should influence every aspect of a believer’s life, from how one acts at home to how one votes. Faith doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it interacts with the entirety of the public sphere and every facet of culture. As such, “Publicly Christian” will present theological discussions of music, literature, economics, politics, science, technology, the environment, and other spheres Christians inhabit in their day-to-day lives in an attempt to view the world through a Christian lens.

The blog may also feature other musings and writings subject to the whim of the author, including but not limited to works of creative nonfiction, bad poetry, and instances of thinking out loud (with diatribes to be sharply limited and discouraged at all costs). The author reserves the right to act as moderator of the comments section via deletion and/or censorship of improper or malicious comments, but healthy discussion and positive criticism (i.e., speaking the truth in love) are always welcome.


Bowtie F13

“Publicly Christian” is a blog written and maintained by Chris Peters. Chris is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (the official denomination of the nondenominational) and a graduate of University of the Cumberlands (where he studied English) and Asbury Theological Seminary (where he studied Jesus). His interests include public and political theology, liturgy, biblical languages, British literature, music of all genres, and chocolate chip cookies.




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