Election Fatigue

When I left my apartment this morning, I said to the empty space, “Keep paying the bills. I hope to return before the apocalypse.”

It would have been funnier if I hadn’t halfway meant it.

If you, like everyone else in America old enough to know what’s going on, are suffering from “election fatigue,” here are a few things to get you through the days ahead.

  1. God is still on His throne.
  2. Nothing will change #1.
  3. God loves us all.
  4. Nothing will change #3.
  5. The election commercials are over!
  6. The Church is built on the Rock, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
  7. Jesus alone can save. The spilled blood of politicians will accomplish nothing. (And the odds are they won’t accomplish much living, either.)
  8. We have to have better options in 2020. (I realize I won’t be old enough to run until 2024, but I have hopes for 2020 anyway.)
  9. The world will end when God says so, not because a candidate you didn’t vote for gets elected and/or takes office.
  10. Your Facebook feeds will soon return to normal: pictures of food, cats, babies, and the current Internet obsession.

My brothers and sisters, keep the faith. We’ve almost made it. And no matter the results, the gospel we preach remains unchanged: Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again to grant us eternal life if only we believe.


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